• Feature
  • Search by Area (postal code)

    Customer can find out location of specific or any restaurants by clicking Area, City and Postcodes in a website easily.It is user-friendly and helps the customer to find the restaurants address quickly.Restaurants address are identified exactly by using these options.Customer can filter unnecessary restaurants via these options.
  • Book a table

    Customer can make a table reservation in advance by mentioning exact date and time.Table reservation saves time when they dine in the restaurant during rush hours or weekends.Table reservation is comfort for families or friends treat in peak seasons.Table reservation can be done by anytime and at anywhere (just visit Phpexperttechnologies.com ).
  • Offers Management

    The main concept of the offer management is providing offers to the customers based on percentage, prices and validity.This offer management attracts more customers to the restaurants.Restaurants gains more profits and enlarge their business.Restaurant and site owners can create the offer management option in a website easily.
  • Delivery postcodes with Min order & Delivery charge

    Restaurant owners can separate or extract delivery process for specific areas via city and postcodes.Restaurant owners can allocate delivery payments according to delivery postcodes easily. Restaurant owners can restrict delivery process to specific areas by delivery postcodes.Restaurant owners can assign delivery fees based on delivery postcodes. This is only applicable for restaurant and site owners.
  • Google GPS

    Customer can click an option called “Let us find youâ€Â, which permits you to view full address location of the restaurants.Customer can find exact route location of the restaurants via Google GPS.Customer orders can be tracked with help of the Google GPS.User can find the exact and nearby location of the restaurant via Google GPS.
  • Google Map Integration

    Customer can find exact location of the restaurants easily and quickly.The Google map integration saves times in searching of the specific restaurants for customers. More customers are attracted to the restaurants via this facility.This Google map integration avoids need of customer support for inquiry restaurant address.
  • Payment gateway [ Stripe, card save, postfinance, sagepay]

    Our Payment method ensures high security for customers to pay money via secured online payment gateway integration such as Stripe, Card save, Postfinance, Sagepay.Customer payment details will be protected in highly confidential manner and third party issues regarding payment.Customer can access the payment via payment gateway by mobile apps also easily and quickly during online ordering process.Customer can collect deposit payments or the full order amount using payment gateway.
  • Open/close/time table options for restaurant owner for emergency

    In case of emergency purpose such as (fire accident, disaster, etc) restaurants owner can use these options in a their own restaurant website.Open and close are default option available in the restaurant sites Time table options are mandatory for restaurants websites and must be decided only by restaurant owners.Customers can view the timings of the restaurants by using these three options in the restaurants sites.
  • FB sharing

    Customer can share their reviews and write their peculiar message to the links on their timeline.Customer can share their reviews through via mobile apps based on iOS or Android.Restaurants gets more publicity and loyal customer via FB sharing.Customer can give an overview and outline different features of the restaurants.
  • Delivery address based on Google map

    Google map displays all restaurants of the specific areas quickly so customer can make food order via online in nearby restaurants.Google map is an user-friendly tool so customers can view pick-up addresses and delivery areas when they order food via online.This facility is also available for the mobile version. Google map shows exact location of all the restaurants in the particular areas. Restaurants gets more delivery orders via Google map easily.
  • FB likes, Twitter likes for restaurant & home page

    Customer can prefer their likes in FB & Twitter regarding services of the restaurants websites.Restaurants owners can view the ratings of their own restaurant websites in order to improve the business.Online is booming the world so customer can make an online food order via FB, Twitter etc easily and quickly.Restaurants gets more profits and publicity via FB & Twitter. Customer can view the homepage of the restaurants sites.
  • Yearly Statistics in admin side

    Entire order processing details of the customers and restaurants are generated by yearly statistics system in yearly once accurately.Site owners can view the order processing details of customers and restaurants with commission charges & service taxes easily.Yearly statistics system will solve any clarification regarding order processing details of customers and restaurants easily and simply.Yearly statistics system can be operated only by admin panel.